YouTube Subscribers

Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers


Nowadays, video content can be considered as the leading form of content marketing. Aside from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are also now inviting video marketers to use their platform for hosting their promotional videos.

At present, YouTube owns the top spot when it comes to video-blogging and marketing, and because it is free and is associated with Google, millions of people utilize the platform.

For YouTube channel owners, their major problem with the site would be attracting more subscribers to their channels and increasing the views of their videos.

Every month, at least a billion unique visitors go to YouTube, providing a very large number of audience for the numerous videos found on the site. By catering to different genres and types, YouTube serves as a platform for people of different race and culture to share their talents, works, and everything that they think are worth capturing with a camera.

One good use of YouTube is for uploading tutorials for doing all kinds of things. And with a lot of people resorting to YouTube to watch videos for different reasons, it has become a highly potential ground for online marketing and publicity.

Bloggers and other individuals also see YouTube as means of reaching other people and connecting with them. Likewise, using YouTube is great factor that can influence the amount of traffic that is directed to a specific website. Thus, there is really a need for YouTube account owners to gain more subscribers to their channels.

Basically, the first and foremost thing that people should with their accounts is too add some modifications. By using some well-known and tested tools, the chances of gaining more subscriber is high. Still, channel owners should realize that they should exert considerable effort if they really want to see some optimum results.

To help YouTube channel owners to acquire more subscribers, there are some ways that they are recommended to try.


Knowing the right tool to use in improving a YouTube channel greatly helps in gaining more views and thus, subscribers. Tubebuddy is one of the most recommended tools that can be used for such purposes.


Any YouTube channel should focus on one general theme surrounding the videos as well as their structure. In most cases, people should focus on their interests and further develop and learn related skills that can help them in creating their videos. In addition, people are advised to refrain from just copying the styles of other popular YouTube channels. Instead, they should focus on adding originality to their own channels.

A video created with a scrip can lead to better results, and using a script also helps a person in organizing and tracking the videos that he creates. A video creator should follow a certain guideline that would cover the elements, starting from the plot to the conclusion, while shooting the video. Moreover, the video should not divert from the main them that is considered. In addition, the scrip can greatly help in ensuring the smooth flow of events in video and thus create something of quality for the viewers.

A video script should contain all the pertinent details, such as the dialogues, the actions that will be shown in the video, the cues, and so on. Correct usage of a language and proper phrasing should also be noted, and they should be decided upon based on the needs of the audience.

For those who want to learn some techniques in cinematography, they should check out The Five C’s of Cinematography: Essential tips for film making. The Five C’s can be used by both amateur and expert cinematographers.


The content of a video should be off quality and made using maximum efforts and the best of resources. Moreover, the content should be engaging, informative, and entertaining for the viewers. Having the audience get bored while in the midst of watching a video greatly reduces the chances of gaining more subscribers.

On the other hand, a video that created using a well-thought of script increases the possibility of attracting more channel subscribers. Moreover, people can combine all the said video qualities and create something that will blow away the minds of the viewers.

In other cases, uploading burse and evergreen videos may also help in gaining more subscribers. Burst videos can attract viewers for a short period of time, whereas evergreen videos remain longer and relevant.


The primary reason why viewers subscribe to a channel is because they like the quality or really admire the kind of video that an uploader creates.

However, to engage more subscribers, the channels should be more consistent. Viewers are not that fond of channels that show discrepancies in their manner of uploading videos.

Thus, when an uploader releases a video, it should be timely, at regular intervals, and in structured fashion. In fact, YouTube channels owners are recommended to publish a video once a week or several times a month.

Uploaders should also follow a certain schedule when uploading their videos. Releasing videos whenever they want may prove to be detrimental to a channel’s reputation. Thus, if possible, the uploading of videos should be done following a regular schedule.


The title or names given to the videos is another great factor affecting a channel’s success. The names given to the videos should be unique and can easily catch the attention of the viewers and pique in their interest. As soon as the viewers become interested with the title of a video, they are more apt to watch and the chances of them subscribing to the channel is increased.

Uploaders also need to learn some important things about SEO, because they would have to work their way around keywords to make their videos more searchable. They can do the following to improve the titles of their videos and then reach greater number of people:

  • Try using Google Adwords. Googld Adwords can greatly help in identifying the kinds of things that people search for over the web, and from the results, YouTube channel owners can have some ideas regarding their target groups. In relation to this, they should focus on creating videos that results in high volume research but with minimal competition.

  • Limit the length of the video. Ideally, people should use 50 characters in the title of their videos, because Google only allows for 66 characters in the search, in addition to the word “YouTube” before the video.

  • The title of the video should be descriptive enough and should be able to provide the viewers with some ideas regarding the contents.

  • Only use the word “Video” in the title if the target audience would be coming from the search engine. Basically, using “Video” with the title does not increases its rank in YouTube’s search engine.


To make the channels trustworthy, it is better to utilize the customization options that can be found in YouTube. The visual appearance is very important in establishing the identity of a channel and showing the viewers a sense of professionals.

For blogs that are complemented with a YouTube channels, the channel should contain some elements that can be recognized by the followers of the blog.

For additional and quality customizations, there are some paid products that YouTube channel owners can used to establish their channels as a brand.

It is possible for people to customized the URL of their channel after the customization process. This can be done by customizing the personal background header, which should include the important elements of the blog. As for the YouTube channel bio, it should be concise and precise and should allow to people visit the blog through a provided link.


A lot of YouTube video creators favor the use of customized video thumbnails for their videos. The thumbnails should include annotations and relevant images to increase the videos’ click through rate. In addition, customized thumbnails can give the viewers some insights into the contents of a video.

Thumbnails can be selected based on three intervals: at the 1/4th mark, ½ mark, and 3/4th mark. Uploaders should only choose which they think can perfectly show something about their video.


The channel trailer is also very important in increasing the subscribers to a channel. YouTube’s channel trailer allows the channel trailers to automatically play upon accessing a specific channel URL.

Through the channel trailer, a channel gains the chance of catching the viewers’ in a span of 90 seconds. Normally, the channel trailer should be between 30 and 60 seconds. In this regard, the trailer must be able to relay to the potential subscribers the kind of contents that they will be seeing and the other perks that they may get once they subscribe to a channel.

For those who are comfortable with talking in front of the camera, they should include some clips featuring themselves.

Moreover, channel owners should check their viewer retention reports and see whether they are losing any potential subscribers. This way, they can assess whether they should modify their channel trailers.


“Call to action” annotations consist of the popup that viewers see while a video. These annotations tend to be annoying, and thus, channel owners should learn how to use them properly.

In a number of cases, increased channel subscriptions have been linked with the use of “call to action” annotations. Thus, to make the annotations less annoying, channel owners should just add a simple link for the subscription to their channel in their videos.

On the other hand, some viewers may find the use of a graphical button for “call-to-action” purposes. Graphical buttons can be included in the videos with annotations encouraging the viewers to click the buttons.


YouTube allows its members to link their channels with their websites, and thus, this allows people to attract more people to visit their channels. In addition, uploaders can have their channels verified and be considered as their brand on YouTube.

In the channel settings of an account’s YouTube page, the owner may include his website’s or blog’s URL to integrate his YouTube channel with his blog or website. The blog or site URL can also be added to the description of the channel. Meanwhile, on the blogs, “Subscribe” buttons can be added to the sidebars to entice more visitors into visiting a YouTube channel.


YouTube also host videos that are detailed and quite long. However, the most converted ones are those run only for about 5 minutes. In 2014, the reported average length of most YouTube videos is 4.4 minutes. Thus, for those who are just starting with their channels, that is the optimum time length that they should for their videos until they are able to assess whether they should create longer or shorter ones.

Once a channel has already a considerable number of followers, the owners now can try creating videos with varying time length and check which of them are more favored by their subscribers. They can ask for their subscribers through the comments sections.

Meanwhile, the best-converted videos run for about 3 minutes. Thus, a short, simple, and informative video will likely attract more viewers to subscribe to a channel.


YouTube Intro and Outro can be used in creating a brand and also in adding more flavor to the video. A highly engaging Intro will ensure that the viewers are hooked to the video.


If possible, channel owners should edit their videos and come up with different versions then choose which among them is the best for their channel.

Videos are that are edited in haste and without much effort can only affect the integrity of a channel. Thus, when they can, uploaders should shoot multiple videos and carefully select that which should be uploaded in YouTube.

If necessary, a scene or footage can be shot multiple times. People can also use Adobe Premier in editing their videos.


Aside from increasing the chances of being searched in search engines, the video descriptions should also give the viewers a clear idea of what they would see once they start watching video. In addition, the used keywords for the SEO should be included in the description. Moreover, it should sound very natural and authentic. In other cases, some include links to other website to provide people with more options.


The Google Keywords tool can be used in searching for ideas on relevant keywords that can be used on YouTube videos. However, the relevant keywords for a video should be discoverable both in Google and YouTube.

However, people should take whether they are using too much or too few keywords. in relation to this, they should do some reading regarding the use of meta tags and how they can help in increasing the number of subscribers to a YouTube channel.

The identified keywords should be relevant to the video at hand. In fact, there are some videos that have low count of views not because of their content but because of their low discoverability.

Channel owners can use metadata to determine how their videos can be displayed in the search results and of course, for encouraging more viewers to check out their channels. Uploaders should do some research and look for well-converted videos and analyze the meta tags that are used on them. However, channel owners should greatly avoid copy-pasting the meta tags for other videos.

16. Ask

You can ask in your annotations but also include a request to subscribe in the video and also in the description.  If you don’t ask no one will even think about it. At least you can’t expect them to think about it unless there is some reason they would want to come back.