White Hat Seo

Though a lot of people may have already heard about the term SEO, not all may be familiar with White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is something that people can use in enhancing a search performance based on the protocols following by the search engine. The aim of this practice is to improve the search performance of a website but still be able to conform to the terms of service of the search engine. This way, the website remains within the parameters set by Google.


  • Presenting quality content and services

WordStream includes the Keyword Discovery Tool and the Long Tail Keyword Tool. These tools are especially created for providing ideas and product enhancements. The two tools work in collaboration to help a website grow its keyword list and content suggestions through recording the search queries of people leading to the website. Then, the results are automatically added to the WordStream database for the website owner’s review.

  • Utilizing meta tags that are truly descriptive and keyword-rich

Keyword Grouping Tool can be used as guide for using meta tags and meta keywords, which may include misspellings or other forms of the keywords that are set.

  • Modifying the website to be easily navigable

Search Engine Optimization tools can be used in visualizing and creating a hierarchy of the keywords. Then, the keywords are group based on different criteria, relevance and popularity, which make it easy to determine among various pages the one that bares the greater potential across a website.


Not opting to use White Hat SEO increases the chances of a website getting banned from Google as well as other search engines. And as the top search engine used by millions of people, Google is an important factor that can affect the traffic coming to a website. Thus, when a website is banned from Google, changes are there won’t be much traffic that will be directed to it. Moreover, in the case that a website gets banned, chances being re-listed as a trusted site is not that high. Meanwhile, website owners would not want to know what could happen if they are given a lifetime ban from Google.

Thus, to avoid incurring any unwanted banishment, website owners should learn a few things about White Hat SEO. They can learn more about these things at eh Webmaster Guidelines that are set by Google. In fact, utilizing Google’s Webmaster resources can be very helping in gaining some useful insight into white hat SEO.

It is very important that website managers learn about some important White Hat SEO practices because such things will help them in ensuring that their website will remain ethical and sustainable for their goals. However, what managers should realize is that they still have the option to use automation in their search campaigns.

For example, people can use WordStream, a notable automation program for easing the process of ranking a website. SEO keyword tool is another thing that can be used to optimize the ranking of websites while still conforming to the guidelines set by Google.

In short, people should really take time to learn about White Hat SEO practices since Google is basically the greatest factor that can affect the traffic leading to the websites. With White Hat SEO practices, people can enhance their websites and make sure that the changes are innovative, have long-term effects, and ethical. Still, website managers should still look for ways to make their websites very noticeable while still conforming to the guidelines set by Google for website searches.