Link Types

Given that quality is more important to the users, Google has opted to start penalizing websites that contain poor or what can be considered as spammy link. Previously, SEOs did not have much of a problem when with link building. SEO companies usually utilized techniques, such as article submission and directory listing, because such methods come with very minimal risk and worked very well in most cases. However, Google has already introduced the Penguin updates, which seriously affected the techniques used in building poor-quality links. Thus, for link builders, it is pertinent that they learn the kind of links that they should construct in the near future.


Natural editorial links can be considered as one of the most important things for SEOs. Such kinds of links need not to be ask for, because they are already provided by certain website owners. Using natural editorial links is very effective in making connections and linkages with other people. Still, it is important that people convince those they want to connect with. Moreover, they should not forget to bring up their issue with the most popular bloggers.

In this case, one good reason may be creating a great content which is then interspersed with some known bloggers. Then, as time passes by, more bloggers will come to notice the created content. However, this practice may prove to be very challenging for some, and success will not come until after quite some time. Google also has their own preference of such type of links, and they can be expected to persevere for a very long time.


Manual outreach link building is possibly one of the most techniques that is practiced by SEOs, and this is especially true for those who are just starting with their business. This method includes manually reaching out to bloggers or website owners an requesting them to consider establishing linkages. In this case, a person must also be able to convince the bloggers or the website owner why they should link with him. In relation to this, a link builder should look for people who bear close connection to his industry.


Not a lot of people favor self-created, non-editorial links, because they are usually associated with shady practices that try to fool search engines into thinking that they contain relevant and important information. Thus, when Penguin was introduced in 2012, Google started devaluing and penalizing such type of links.

Logically, self-created, non-editorial links have less value compared with the other types. However, they still had some use for SEOs in the past. Some of their uses include the following:

  • Unmoderated blog comments

  • Articles directories

  • Embeddable widgets

  • Press releases with optimized anchor text

  • Unmoderated directories

  • Guest post signatures

  • Advertorials

  • Embedded infographics

  • Guestbooks

  • Forum Signatures.

Though there’s no stopping everyone from using such links, extreme precaution must still be exercised. In fact, what people should do is to focus on formulating strategies that can help them in creating editorial links that can make their websites more valuable.