Google Penguin 4

Penguin 4 Explained

Just recently, the webmaster analyst for Google, Gary Illyes, twitted about some important news regarding the Penguin update of Google. In the said tweet, the new Penguin update is expected to be released before the years ends. This new update is music to the ears of the SEO practitioners and other digital marketers who are very loyal in managing their websites based on the guidelines set by Google. However, for those who engage in black hat SEO practices, the update is practically bad news.


The latest Penguin update would aim at addressing spam link tactics and monitoring the quality of the links included in a website. Initially released in April 2012, the Penguin update caused an uproar in the field of digital marketing and other related industries. All of sudden, people stopped seeing the websites that were deemed to be not conforming to set guidelines by the search engine. In fact, many of those sites were subjected to manual actions.

These past few years, additional updates have been released, with the changes aimed at modifying the search results. Still, one cannot deny the good intention behind the creation of the update, and that is to favor those websites who engage in proper marketing practices and provide some punishment who work around the rules.


Rumor has it that Penguin 4.0 will serve as a real-time update to the currently used algorithm, implying that the algorithm involved with Penguin will constantly updated. Such kind of update can benefit the digital marketing community, especially there are still a lot of people who resort to spamming tactics. Google has already announced that black hat practices are basically ineffective. However, it seems that a certain number of people still manage to utilize such practices. Still, people should still applaud Google for trying its best to defeat black hat marketers.

And with the new real-time feature of the upcoming Penguin update, spotting spam link profiles and properly ranking the credible sites will become much easier.