The juice diet

so one day I’ m out shopping.  To be honest I was with the girl and we are looking at rings.  Yup fat and married probably with kids soon.  And next door to the jewelery place is a juice shop.  They have these cold pressed juicer machines and you can pick out what ever you want.  So I go in there and get all the good stuff unhealthy people need lots of.  Kale, Beets, Spinach, strawberry and carrots.  They made me add carrots because you need something juicy.  So I turn around and there are like 10 people behinds me.  Everyone of them is in shape.  And it hit me maybe I could juice my way to a better looking body.  So I went on the google and read about these diets.  The juice diet.  So that is where I am.  I am down 10 pounds and I do honestly feel really good. I bought myself a juicer. And I have a big glass everyday.


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Wow good news

Then one day something happened.  The girlfriend bought me a  vitamix.  And I started having a smoothie everyday.  And while I wasn’t loosing weight I was in fact having less aches and pain.  I suspect it’s all the berries and greens I was putting in there. I realized one thing about myself.  I like food.  And I like to eat.  And I like to go to restaurants.  So I tried eating less at each meal.  so I would get an appetizer.  So that was great I was eating more unhealthy stuff and I would go home hungry and eat again.  So the weight kept slowly adding up.  Those smoothies I realized are probably high in calories so while I felt better and the gym was going well again at last.  I was still putting on weight.  But you know muscles weigh more than fat so that is to be expected. After all I’m lifting weights everyday.


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My quest for health

So I decided even though it’s not new years that it was time to do a mid year resolution.  Health is important and I’m getting old.  I know this because I pulled out a few gray hairs.  I noticed that once I turned 40 I started to have some aches and pains.  More joint issues.  In fact I had a huge gout attack that went on for a few months.  The doctor gave meds but to fix the cause of the problem it just takes time.  The thing that bothered me about it was I was being careful what I was eating.  And it was really about 6 months that I didn’t exercise with any regularity.  Not to say I’m athletic but I had always been good about going to the gym.  So I decided maybe it was time to do less weight lifting and more cardio.  That went terrible.  I ended up just getting fat and having less muscle. I suspect a few things went into that.  Less muscle you burn less fat.  I’m just not good at the cardio and I think I ended up getting less hours of exercise overall.  I also quit chewing tobacco and that will put on weight.  So now faced with a pot belly and old age what was there to do.  I think I need to embrace the fact that weight lifting is the exercise I enjoy the most.  So back to the gym I went.  And with the time off it seemed like every week I would pull something.  And when that got better I would pull something else.  So there wasn’t much muscle going back on the body.  And as you get older it gets tougher.  So then I read about how important weight lifting is as you age to keep the muscle mass and testosterone levels normal. So here I am fighting mother nature forcing my self to lift weights in pain everyday.



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